Maintain your skin’s health

We offer a number of facials to maintain and correct imperfections in skin health.

Mini Facial

A shorter version of our deep pore cleansing perfect for lunch time.

Back cleansing

A back cleansing treatment to clean and exfoliate while hydrating the skin.


Deep Pore Cleansing

A fabulous cleansing, exfoliation & pore tightening leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Gentlemen’s facial

A deep pore cleansing specially designed for men.


Acne Control Facial

A complete cleansing to eliminate acne and blemishes while improving skin tone.

Not sure which to choose?

We can help you choose the right facial for what you are looking to improve or enhance. Contact us and we will make a recommendation.


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Visiting Laser Center of Miami & Spa was a great experience. The staff, the look, the smell, and the music… Engaging and Relaxing…

I went first for a facial, recommended by one of my best friends. I loved it so much, I came back again and again for facials and massages, and will be starting laser hair removal treatments shortly. I have recommended family and friends, and the feedback is always the same – Thank you for the suggestion. It’s lovely to indulge and put the world on hold once in a while.
— Maria Marco, Venezuela


Why choose Laser Center of Miami & Spa for a facial?


We understand skin care

Each of our specialists has years of training and experience as an esthetician. We can help you address challenging skin conditions and improve texturing and coloring. Before we start any facial, we briefly examine your skin to understand any special conditions. We then choose our treatments appropriately.

we don't think skin care stops after a facial

After your facial, we learn about your lifestyle, which helps us suggest products to includd in your personal daily skin care regimine. We help you choose products to keep your skin in great shape between facials and treatments. Having great skin doesn't take a lot of work. It takes the right products for your skin and great habits to maintain what you have.


we work with medical-grade products

Our Spa sells Obagi and Skinceutical products, both medical-grade product lines. After using these products you will see noticeable improvements in your skin quality and tone. 

visit us and see how we can help you

Regular facials can make a remarkable difference in skin appearance over time. And inbetween facials, our specialists can guide you to choose the right products to use every day to maintain that glow you get after a facial. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.