Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of your unwanted hair. Permanently.

Has this happened to you?

  • You decide to wear a swimsuit, a sleeveless dress, or a skirt and you realize that you forgot to shave or wax. You decide to change your plans and/or outfit.
  • You can’t seem to get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow no matter how much you shave.
  • You notice razor burns, skin discolorations, cuts and ingrown hairs.

There is a better way. Laser hair removal.

Most hair removal methods have side effects and traditional hair removal methods (waxing, threading) and shaving supplies can be costly.

Save yourself – worry, planning, and cost - and get laser hair removal instead. After a few treatments, you will see a noticeable difference in the area you want to transform. Remove all hair or reduce its density. You tell us the look you want and we will help you get there.


Mother and Daughter.png
Laser Center of Miami and Spa is fantastic! My daughter and I have been getting our laser hair removal treatments, facials, and much more at the center for many years now. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional. All the technicians are lovely and do a magnificent job. You will never leave unsatisfied. The Laser Center always provides excellent service and results in a such a wonderful welcoming environment.
— Melina Melwani & Monisha Melwani


We Only Feature Candela Devices


We feature Candela devices, the leading manufacturer of aesthetic therapies including the latest GentleMax Pro and GentleLase Pro. Candela devices are safe for all skin-types and use different lasers designed specifically for a variety skin tones. The Alexandrite short pulse laser works best on light-colored skin; the Nd: YAG long pulse laser works best on darker skin.

There is no minimum age to start laser hair removal treatment. If you are noticing your teen struggling with shaving or the high cost of waxing, consider talking with one of our specialists.

How Does It Work

The GentleLase Pro penetrate the hair follicle, destroying the papilla while preserving the surrounding tissue. This process is completed in a set area to remove the hair.


I have been going to Laser Center of Miami for quite a few years now. I started with my full bikini and underarms and went on to begin my lower legs followed by my upper legs. Laser hair removal has been the best money I have ever spent hands down. I remember having to plan on wearing quarter sleeve shirts in middle school (luckily those were in style at the time) because I could not shave or wax my underarms until all the ingrowns were healed. I used to have to wear shorts to the beach for that same reason, and I was always embarrassed. As if that wasn’t enough, I always ended up with bleeding legs from kicking myself without fail while shaving, and have the scars to prove it.

I haven’t had the need to shave in years and love not having to worry about planning a last minute wax appointment to be able to say yes to a Miami boat day.

Laser hair removal has truly been life changing. Jane makes my visits all the more wonderful. She is an angel and I really look forward to just being in her presence.
— Priscilla Martinez, 27


Why choose Laser Center of Miami & Spa for laser hair removal?

Get a complementary consultation to determine the best approach to get the look you want. 

During your consultation, we discuss the look you want and how much hair you would like removed. We will also evaluate your skin and its response with a complementary test patch to determine a treatment plan to achieve your goals.


No Fixed Contracts

Everyone has different needs based on hair type and skin sensitivity. Our specialists will determine the number of treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction, depending on the results of your complementary consultation. 

No hypo- or HYPER-PIGMENTATION after treatment.

Skin color plays a strong role in successful hair removal and there is no one-size fits all approach. We make sure we address this from our consultation to our equipment.


All technicians are fully licensed and certified.

All technicians are fully licensed by the Agency of Health Care and certified Medical Electrologists. Additionally, Laser Center of Miami and Spa is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. 


We can help you get the look you want.