Lymphatic Drainage
Remove toxin build-up

The lymphatic system is of the most important organ systems in our body. Its network of vessels and nodes remove toxins from blood and body fluids. When your lymph nodes are operating properly, you are naturally energetic and can easily rest. When they aren’t functioning properly due to stress, congestion, or other ailments, toxins build up and collect in your body, causing you to feel sluggish and irritated.

There is a way to correct collected lymph fluid and reverse the toxins – lymphatic drainage. Instead of rigorous and painful massages, we use an electro-sound lymphatic drainage device called the Lymphstar Pro XP. Wands of the device are oxygenating neon gas bulbs that allow electricity and frequencies to flow through them. When these are waved over the skin, the frequencies pulse through the body, stimulating the lymphatic system. By kickstarting the lymphatic system, you are able to move stagnant lymph and weaken toxins.


After treatment, customers notice increased stamina, improved sleep, and general improved well-being.


After many months of feeling sluggish, tired and drained, a friend referred me to Laser Center of Miami & Spa for Lymphatic Drainage. I scheduled an appointment. While being skeptical, I still made it to my appointment. Within two days I was feeling full of energy and less sluggish. I was feeling better than I felt in the last year. I cannot wait to have another treatment.
— Salvador G.


Why Choose Laser Center of Miami & Spa for Lymphatic Drainage?


we understand holistic health

Health is in the mind and the body. If one part of the body is collecting toxins, the body is no longer healthy. We have seen clients feel rejuventated and experience improved after this treatment because the lymph is flowing and not stagnant. 

we have witnessed results

We have seen clients relieved of joint pain. Others have noted reduced chronic fatigue symptoms. Others have noticed an improved immune system. 


it's non-invasive

To kickstart your lymphatic system you don't need surgery or a medical procedure. Lymphatic drainage is based on sound and electric technology, used together to loosen congestion. Wands are held just above your body. Carry on with your day after treatment.

visit us and learn how we can help you

We'll help you get the results you want. Contact us and learn how lymphatic drainage could help reduce pain and improve your well-being.