Just for men.


We have a number of men regularly visiting us for hair removal, cool sculpting, facial and body treatments. Many have similar – yet different – concerns as the women who visit us. But we know that men aren’t the same as women, so we offer a set of specialized services just for them.


Laser Hair Removal

Why suffer with razor burn and ingrown hairs? Get laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair for good. Learn more.

Gentlemen's Massage

Your time to relax. This massage is ideal for reducing muscle tension and relieving stiffness, while restoring structural balance.



Remove fat from those stubborn areas that the gym or diet can’t fix. Developed from the results of a Harvard Study showing that fat cells can be frozen and removed from the body. No surgery or recovery time needed. Learn more.

Gentlemen's Back Cleansing

A facial mixed with a massage, this treatment is specifically designed to remove impurities, acne breakouts and blemishes from the back. Prepare to cleans, exfoliate, and nourish your back skin. Learn more.


Gentlemen’s Facial

Cleanse, hydrate, and relieve shaving irritation while revitalizing the skin and removing all impurities. Learn more.

Not sure what to choose?

Let us help you choose the right service for you. We want to help you look - and feel - your best.


Before I started laser hair removal with the Laser Center of Miami, I felt very insecure with parts of my face. I would constantly encounter razor bumps, and parts of my skin where discolored due to the consistent shaving.

I think everyone can agree that in life the first thing people notice is likely your face and as a male, I always wanted to be defined as “clean cut” but razor bumps and discoloration didn’t fit into that category. I am very please to say since I have been doing laser treatments, I no longer have that problem. I don’t have to shave anymore. And, I don’t to have to worry about the unavoidable razor bumps that came along with shaving. The laser worked extremely well for my skin type. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t because of the type of hair that I have and my skin color, but it worked perfect and I have no problems. It was awesome! My skin tone is more even and my face even looks smoother and healthier.

Guys, if you are tired of razor bumps, hate spending countless dollars on shaving cream & razors, or just want to try something new; I encourage you to visit Laser Center of Miami. The staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome and are truly concerned with your desired outcome.
— Dakota William