Permanent Makeup

Wake up with your makeup on and be ready to start your day. 

Some of us have challenges applying makeup to ourselves, especially eyeliner, lip liner or lipstick. And there are always minor changes that we'd like to make to ourselves that are more permanent, like fuller lips or fuller brows, that we get with cosmetics today. Why struggle every morning when you can have makeup applied and it stays on every day?

There are 2 types of permanent makeup solutions:

  • The more traditional permanent makeup, where a specialist implants dyes or pigments in the first dermis skin layer to enhance certain features—most commonly brows, the lash line, and lips. Another way to describe the procedure is super-precision tattooing with a local anesthetic. Healing requires a few days, similar to a tattoo.
  • Microblading, where someone uses a pen to draw brows, filling lighter areas using individual strokes to resemble hair. You are selfie ready on the same day. But the healing process could take between 25 and 30 days. After a month you may need a quick touch-up.

By working with high-quality pigments and different types of needles, we are able to match your natural coloring and help you get the look you want. 


Why get permanent makeup?

Why do some people choose to get permanent makeup?

  • Physical limitations or challenges that make it difficult to apply makeup. They may have a shaky hand as a result of a stroke, palsy, or other ailment or disability.
  • Allergic to makeup but like the look of wearing it. 
  • Not skilled with makeup or cosmetics
  • Want to conceal skin imperfections like stretch marks, surgical scars, results from skin conditions
  • Looking for fuller brows, lips, or better defined eyes

During an initial consultation we learn what you are looking to do and create a customize plan and approach for you.


Our Permanent Makeup Artist: Jazmin Beatriz Irizarry

I work enthusiastically, along side my clients, to effectively meet their beauty goals. I believe that beauty comes from within and for this reason, I try my hardest for each and every one of my clients to be confident with their inner and outer selves. My clients are more than just a number, the most important aspects of my career are that every person who walks out of my service is first of all, content, and second of all educated on how their everyday lives impact their skin and Permanent make up. I strive to exceed my clients beauty needs!
— Jazmin


Why Choose Permanent Makeup at Laser Center Miami & Spa

Get makeup applied permanently in a short time. Minimal recovery time (up to 3-5 days) required.



Our permanent makeup esthetician has a number of years of experience applying different looks to clients. She values her clients and values them leaving the treatment content and pleased with the results.

Quality treatments

We offer the same level of quality treatments for permanent makeup that we do for laser hair removal, Coolsculpting, sublative, and other services. Our staff is licensed and certified. 


minimal recovery

Results will appear immediately after service but expect 3-5 days of initial healing, with some light scabbing. Complete healing can take up to 30 days.

get a consultation to learn more

If you have more questions or want to learn how to get the look you want, contact us to schedule a free consultation.