Vein Treatment
Increase circulation. Reduce pain.

Our veins keep blood and fluid moving in our bodies, but sometimes the fluids don’t move as they should. Blood and fluid will pool causing spider and reticular veins to appear. They may cause us to want to cover them. But they can be removed for good – with no harm to you.

We use ND: YAG laser technology to treat a wide range of non-invasive vein problems including shallow, spider veins. The ND: YAG laser emits pulses of light energy that harden clotted blood vessels, not only breaking down the vessel but allowing the blood to be naturally absorbed by the body.

After treatment, not only do the veins appear smaller or disappear, but you may notice other benefits like reduced discomfort or pain in the area treated and increased circulation.


Remove unsightly veins and lesions.

Our vein treatment can be used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of visible veins – spider veins, reticular veins on the leg, face neck and chest
  • Treat benign pigment lesions like age spots, birthmarks and tattoos

No recovery time necessary after treatment. Resume regular activities once treatment sessions are completed.

Results can be visible immediately or are seen within 1-2 months after treatment, depending on the part of the body treated.