Laser Hair Removal


Nikki Sapp

- Fashion designer – Forever Miss Nik

- Member of the Miami Heat Dancers “Most Popular Dance Team in the NBA” from 2005-2008

- Featured in FHM magazine

"Laser treatments are the way to go when it comes to hair removal. As opposed to shaving, waxing, or using messy creams, laser hair removal is an easy, permanent and more satisfying alternative. The staff at the Laser Center of Miami are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They were happy to answer all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I found them to be unbelievably kind and attentive. The staff is the best in their craft, and I highly recommend them to men and women."



"I’ve always been aware of the hair growth on my arms and it bothered me; however I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I wanted to get rid of everything or simply reduce it. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to Laser Center of Miami and I went in for a consultation. I explained everything to the laser technician including the fact that I wanted to reduce the density of the hair on my arms and not have everything disappeared. After a few treatments done I am extremely happy with the results and my arms look the way that I always wanted them to look: not completely bald but normal. Thank you Laser Center of Miami!"


Michelle Greensphan

"Thank YOU Myriam!!
Thank you Laser Center!
You are knowledgable and professional, You are great!
My son Tyler and I are greatfull !
The appointments have been a success and it makes a difference when you can go to the beach and not to worry about shaving"


Jessica Franco

"Since I’ve been going to Laser Center of Miami I feel more confident about my body and face; I don’t have to waste time getting ready to go to the beach and I feel comfortable wearing shorts and bikinis. Traveling is so much easier as I do not have to pack extra things like wax, razors, shaving creams, etc. in addition to the laser hair removal treatments I also have done the Hydrafacial. The Hydrafacial treatments are excellent. It has totally improved my skin tone and my face feels smother and more youthful. During the treatment I am totally relaxed; it feels almost like having a massage.

At Laser Center of Miami I can make appointments that are very convenient for my work schedule. They are on time and I never feel rushed. The staff is very professional, nice and helpful. They always make me feel very comfortable."


Melina Melwani & Monisha Melwani

"Laser Center of Miami and Spa is fantastic! My daughter and I have been getting our laser hair removal treatments, facials, and much more at the center for many years now. Everyone is extremely friendly and professional. All the technicians are lovely and do a magnificent job. You will never leave unsatisfied. The Laser Center always provides excellent service and results in a such a wonderful welcoming environment."

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Priscilla Martinez

"Laser hair removal has been the best money I have ever spent hands down. I remember having to plan on wearing quarter sleeve shirts in middle school (luckily those were in style at the time) because I could not shave or wax my underarms until all the ingrowns were healed…I haven't had the need to shave in years and love not having to worry about planning a last minute wax appointment to be able to say yes to a Miami boat day. Laser hair removal has truly been life changing."


Satisfied Customer

"Please accept this correspondence as my personal recommendation of Myriam Barrero and Laser Center of Miami. I can personally attest that I have known Myriam professionally for over 20 years, she is a person of extraordinary character and deep work ethics. Limiting this correspondence, as I must, it is difficult to explain within the confines of a page, the level of professionalism of the staff at Laser Center of Miami and their commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, my laser results are fabulous and the condition of my skin has actually improved. I can’t even being to describe just how amazing it feels to have a hairless body!!!! I don’t even own a razor!! I can go on vacation within a moment’s notice and not even think about body hair. Typically reluctant to issue recommendations, I wholeheartedly and sincerely attest that Laser Center of Miami is an outstanding company with even better results."


Satisfied Customer

"I have been a client at The Laser Center of Miami for many years and I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for laser hair removal treatments. The team at the Laser Center of Miami is extremely professional, focused, and dedicated to improving the quality of life of their clients. As someone who has suffered from having hair in many unwanted places, I can honestly say that I do not know what I would do without their service. The staff is friendly, the hours are convenient, and the results are fabulous."



"They are very profeesionals and a great team. They are very hard workers.

I loved Myriam and Sylvia. I have been their clients for about 20 years now and I always recommend them to family and friends . Sylvita is always waiting for me with a big smile and an excellent treatment. I love Laser Center of Miami & Spa, and I'm very happy with the results."



"Maggie is the best, she is knowledgeable and always gentle and kind. The staff was friendly and welcoming and they seem organized. The facility is clean and bright. I have only had laser hair removal here but my experience has been nothing but positive."



"I had a great experience...I was walked step by step throughout the entire process. Additionally, I was provided with snacks and water including a movie during the procedure. The procedure was done in the stated amount of time with minimal bruising."



"I always go to Jane for my laser treatments and have been going for quite some time now. Everyone is very respectful and nice to me at each visit. Very professional atmosphere from beginning to end. Even though I thought some visits would be awkward based on certain treatments, Jane always makes me feel at ease and comfortable with each visit. I always recommend Laser Center of Miami & Spa to all of my friends."



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Jackie H.

"I have done laser hair removal, CoolScultping and a HydraFacial and it is always the same excellent results and experience…There are many different companies that offer similar treatments in Miami, but they don,t have Myriam's staff and Myriam's high level of exceptional respectability There is no one bigger or better at treating clients with respect and kindness than Myriam Barrero and her staff at Laser Center of Miami."


Rebecca C.

"I'm in LOVE with this procedure. For so many years I struggled with the fat within my inner thighs. I was always scared of doing traditional lipo and read too many bad reviews on it. However, this new procedure came out (CoolScultping) and I was intrigued. I love that there is no downtime and no scars! I did my procedure with Katia and she was absolutely professional and thorough!
I am truly happy with my results. They look completely natural and my inner thighs don't rub anymore!! If you are looking for alternative solution to lipo...girl CoolScultping is the way to go. I also did my love handles which gave me that hourglass figure looked I always wanted. The price was great as well!"


Skin Care

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Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario

"I have been a client of Miami Laser Center for years they are amazing. Trust me once you start to benefit from their services you will keep adding new treatment areas until you are hair free!"


Betty Ribas

"I have been having Laser Hair Removal and HydraFacial treatments for a couple of years at Laser Center of Miami. Myriam and her staff are absolute professionals who care about their clients and they make sure that you are satisfied with the services. I have been extremely satisfied with all the treatments and highly recommend them!!"


Maria Marco, Venezuela

"Visiting Laser Center of Miami & Spa was a great experience. The staff, the look, the smell, and the music… Engaging and Relaxing…

I went first for a facial, recommended by one of my best friends. I loved it so much, I came back again and again for facials and massages, and will be starting laser hair removal treatments shortly. I have recommended family and friends, and the feedback is always the same – Thank you for the suggestion. It’s lovely to indulge and put the world on hold once in a while."


jennifer A.

A co-worker of mine has done a few Sublative Rejuvenation procedures at the Laser Center of Miami and Spa and I was so impressed with the difference in her skin that I decided to try it. I was delighted with the place and the staff and very glad she recommended them to me. The procedure lasted only half an hour, and I went to work immediately after. It has been a month now and the improvement of my skin is incredible! My friends keep asking me what new skin care line I am using that my skin is glowing and the fine lines are disappearing. I am going back for more!!!


Body Wellness


"I go to the Laser Center of Miami & Spa every two weeks for either a facial or a massage. Both the facial and massage are amazing. The service, the quality of service. The fact that they actually run on time in this city is amazing. Prices are great."


Men's Services

Dakota William

"Before I started laser hair removal with the Laser Center of Miami, I felt very insecure with parts of my face. I would constantly encounter razor bumps, and parts of my skin where discolored due to the consistent shaving.

I think everyone can agree that in life the first thing people notice is likely your face and as a male, I always wanted to be defined as “clean cut” but razor bumps and discoloration didn’t fit into that category. I am very please to say since I have been doing laser treatments, I no longer have that problem. I don’t have to shave anymore. And, I don’t to have to worry about the unavoidable razor bumps that came along with shaving. The laser worked extremely well for my skin type. At first I was worried that it wouldn’t because of the type of hair that I have and my skin color, but it worked perfect and I have no problems. It was awesome! My skin tone is more even and my face even looks smoother and healthier.

Guys, if you are tired of razor bumps, hate spending countless dollars on shaving cream & razors, or just want to try something new; I encourage you to visit Laser Center of Miami. The staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome and are truly concerned with your desired outcome."


Rick Rodriguez

"Are you tired of using razors to shave or clippers to avoid the razor bumps? Laser treatment has changed my life both physically and financially. Since I started my treatments, I have said goodbye to those unattractive, ugly razor bumps and the sting of irritation. My skin is as smooth as whipped butter and according to the ladies just as soft. Laser treatment has been a huge savings as well; I am no longer spending hundreds of dollars every month on those expensive razors or the extra time shaving. With laser treatments I have gained more confidence, complements and cash! The ladies at Laser Center of Miami are very professional and knowledgeable. They utilize the latest technology of applying laser treatment, not only to fair skinned people but to darker complexion skin as well. Call in for an appointment and see for yourself, and you will not be disappointed with the results."


Tyler Greensphan

"My name is Tyler Greenspahn. As luck would have it, I happened to be born into a family of extremely hairy men. Naturally as I grew older, I started to become one myself. However, with the help of the employees at Laser Center of Miami, I have been able to turn the burden of a hairy back into a smooth canvas that I am no longer ashamed of. I highly recommend Laser Center of Miami to anybody who, like me, struggles with hair and would like to make a change for the better."


Andy Figueredo

- South Florida Firefighter Calendar

"I’ve been going to LCofM to get my chest done. Laser is the best way to go. I have no bumps or ingrown hairs and my skin looks better as a result. I’m really impressed with the staff – their level of professionalism and customer service goes above and beyond. I definitely recommend more men and women to come in. It just makes things simpler and the results are great."